About NWF

Founded July 2009

Northwest Fires is a website dedicated to keeping firefighters and incident management staff alike informed on current conditions and fires around the pacific northwest.    We’ll also post wildfire related articles, news, videos, and links to regional news / updates.  

In the winter months, during the ‘off season’, we’ll post periodical updates on training opportunities, as well as continued coverage of regional fire news.

All in all, our goal is not to steal or take credit from other people’s work.  We’re simply looking to be a olace where you can come to find news and links to the many great resources we have in our area.

3 responses to “About NWF

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    • Henry, few people in the wildland firefighting profession are users of the quirky internet ratings you refer to. You wouldn’t be using the bad fire conditions to drum up business for such ratings, would you? I’m a public safety retiree, and I find nwfires.com to be a satisfactory gathering of the news which needs to get out, and for public safety professionals that means a lot more than the puffed-up, self-important ratings systems. I also observe that the loudest complainers here are not the ones with farms to save or pulsakis in their hands, they are “Administrators” who fly desks in air-conditioned Incident Command Centers.

  2. “Katula” Pacific Cascade Region near Pe Ell, WA. 60 acres, 4 helos (2 DNR), Type 3 IMT ordered…. fb.me/7mW11ic6K

    The info above was posted on your site and/or tweeted by you yesterday (Sunday) morning. I’d like to ask where you obtained that information as the acreage, number of rotors, and statement about a Type 3 IMT being ordered was all inaccurate. Having management responsibility for DNR’s fire program in SW Washington, it’s important to me that accurate information is being provided.

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